The best of 2017

Welcome 2018, I say hello with open arms and what a better way than to say hello than with the start of a new blog. Like many wedding photographers, our time is spent behind the scenes and away in our editing caves. At least with a blog, I can sit outside in the garden and type away. That's the plan anyway and my cat seems to agree with this. He can frolic outside in the sunshine whilst I type and babysit (catsit?) him. 

I'm a minimalistic at heart and in an attempt to make my website a little less cluttered, I have decided to update here with recent weddings rather than feature every single one on the gallery page. In a visual world, we love photographs but it's unlikely we all have the freedom to school through 30+ weddings. Less is more and all of that. 

As we say hello to 2018, we say goodbye to 2017. Goodbye to my second year of shooting weddings, of learning curves, long hours editing, laughter, joy and sharing the most intimate moments with some incredible couples. I thank every couple who has trusted me with photographing their wedding day. Below is a collection of my favourite photographs from 2017 and I only hope for a million more of these in 2018.